The activities of our firm, in particular in the field of patents, cover a very broad technical practice area. Except for specific cases of inventions in the field of organic chemistry, biology, and genetic engineering, for which we will gladly refer you to suitable cooperation partners, we should in general be the adequate partner for you.

Thanks to many years of experience we are in particular specialists for inventions in the following technical fields.

  • Physics

    General physics, optics, laser technology, solid state – and semiconductor physics, thermodynamics, vacuum technology, cryogenics, electrodynamics, applications of quantum physics, etc.

  • Chemistry

    Inorganic / physical chemistry and processes.

  • Mechanics

    General mechanics, precision engineering, in particular watch industry, sports equipment, etc.

  • Automotive engineering

    Motor vehicle engineering, aviation technology, engine technology, braking systems, control elements and steering technology, etc.

  • Power engineering and technologies related to generation of energy

    Generator technology, transformation technology, wind – and solar power devices, geothermal plants, thermal power plants, heat pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

  • Information technology

    Computer, computer-implemented inventions, software, software-implemented methods, artificial intelligence (AI) and corresponding applications etc.

  • Materials science

    Methods of manufacturing and use of new materials, etc.

  • Medical technology

    General medical equipment, imaging techniques and equipment, dialysis, dental technology, etc.

  • Mechanical engineering and machines

    General machinery and mechanical engineering, automation technology, etc.

  • Printing technology and paper manufacturing

    Printing machines, printing processes, winding machines, paper rolling machines, etc.

  • Electrical engineering

    Measurement -, regulation – and control technology, low – and high frequency engineering, sensor technology, analog and digital circuit technology, telecommunications, etc.

  • Communication technology

    Communication networks and – protocols, encryption – and authentication methods, audio – and video encoding, digital signal processing, etc.