A single partner

You would like to protect the fruits of your work by means of an intellectual property right.
We concert all skills and resources which are necessary for this purpose in the framework of our law firm.

Close cooperation client – patent attorney

The objective of an effective implementation of legal protection may, according to our conviction, only be achieved by means of a close cooperation between patent attorney and client which focusses the relevant information and expertise.

Full range of intellectual property law

Our firm covers for this purpose the full range of intellectual property law.

Support of your organisation

We provide you with assistance in the area of organization of your intellectual property rights.

Advice and representation

We advise our clients in all matters of industrial property protection, in particular in patent, design, and trademark matters.

We represent our clients in front of all competent state authorities, whether at the national – or supra-national level, in particular in front of the corresponding patent and trademark offices and the competent courts.

Clear principles

During all activities of our firm we attach great importance to clear principles that were rewarded by the confidence of our clients.


Advice and representation in patent matters requires the best qualification both in the legal – as well as in the technical domains. All work for any of our clients is therefore conducted or supervised exclusively by patent attorneys registered before the above mentioned authorities.


From the initial strategic advice on your project, via the choice of the appropriate legal means, until the complete implementation of the selected solution as well as the costs involved, we put emphasis on transparency. We think that this is the only way to satisfy our commitment to your confidence.


Your projects are manifold and often both legally and technically complex. Our counseling wishes to claim to take into account all these various aspects in optimal manner and to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Custom work

By definition, your creations are individual achievements. Their protection therefore requires tailored solutions in the form of appropriate intellectual property rights, particularly in the case of patent protection for inventions. That is what we provide.

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with you!

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