Obtaining intellectual property rights

The activities of our law firm cover the entire spectrum of intellectual property law. The focus is directed to obtaining intellectual property rights, in particular patent protection.


Utility models

You have developed a new and innovative solution to a technical problem. Defining accurately and effectively the core of your solution in terms of the scope of protection of patent claims and proactively integrating alternative solutions right from the outset, to prevent attempts to circumvent your patent by potential competitors, requires technical expertise and profound knowledge of patent law, coupled with experience. That is what we do!

You want protection for technical inventions that is administratively and procedurally easier to handle in comparison to patents. In many countries, this is feasible by means of utility models. Talk to us!



You want to protect the aesthetic design and arrangement of your products. Design law is the appropriate legal remedy. We are at your disposal in this respect!

You want to effectively communicate to the public the origin and/or names of your products and have these solidly adhere to memory. Trademarks are the legal remedy for this purpose. Ask for our advice!