Advice and representation

Legal advice and representation in matters of intellectual property law, according to our view, are not limited to filing and obtaining of intellectual property rights. We are committed to consulting and representation made of one piece.


We advise our clients in all matters of industrial property protection, in particular in patent, design, and trademark matters as well as in related legal areas, and provide them with advice and assistance in negotiations and litigation, if necessary before the competent courts.

The patent attorney’s work begins, well before the filing and obtaining of intellectual property rights, by the analysis and the understanding of both your company’s situation and your specific projects. It continues with the elaboration and submission of a proposal of an appropriate, tailored solution. And it leads, via the discussion and optimization of the proposed solution in collaboration with the client, by involving the diverse interests and conditions on the part of the client, to the objective of a strategic orientation of your company with regard to its intellectual property. The acquisition, enforcement, and possibly defense of your intellectual property rights is thus harmoniously embedded in a broader overall concept. Depending on the constellation, the patent attorney’s activities also may extend far beyond these steps, such as to comprise for instance assistance in the framework of licensing negotiations or of litigation.

Representation in front of the competent authorities

We represent our clients in front of all competent state authorities, whether at the national – or supra-national level, in particular in front of the corresponding patent and trademark offices and the competent courts.

We hold powers of representation in front of all public authorities in Switzerland which are competent in the field of intellectual property as well as in front of supranationally operating, competent institutions in Europe, especially before the corresponding patent and trademark offices and the competent courts. This applies particularly to the IGE (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property / Bern), the EPO (European Patent Office / Munich), the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization / Geneva) and the Swiss Federal Patent Court (St. Gall). For intellectual property rights outside Europe we have an extensive network of local cooperation partners.